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Read our customer testimonials.

Charlene B., Los Angeles, CA

My Brother Bobby transitioned in 2008 at the tender age of 45. Bobby was the only male child in our immediate family and of course, after his transition, left us all devastated. I could not heal from this, it was too traumatic, my life didn't mean anything anymore. I was slipping away, I lost myself because although I could not bring Bobby back, I could not find the peace and healing I needed to move on. My depression was so deep. I could not move past the hurt, loss and devastation and then Kasaundra Victoria shared with me about her ``gift.`` She has this indelible gift in which she connects loved ones with those who have transitioned and in that process, there is peace, grace, healing and love. When I received my breakthrough, I knew then, that I could begin again. Mystic Moments is not just any Medium. The gift that Mystic Moments brings to the individual is unique, personal and above all - healing. The moment you connect with your transitioned loved one, the healing power is immediate! Now that I have re-connected with my brother, through Mystic Moments, all of the hurt, pain and grief have subsided. When I approach my connection with Bobby now, I know that he is doing his thing, living in another realm, having fun and sharing his wisdom. I am H E A L E D and I have Mystic Moments to thank for that! I could go on and on about how I received my healing from Mystic Moments, but I will stop here. If you have a desire or yearning to re-connect with your transitioned loved one, please, please, please reach out to Kasaundra Victoria of Mystic won't be sorry.

J.M., United Kingdom

I truly am happy with the reading I received at Mystic Moments. I was at the point in my life where I needed to here a word. The information that was given to me was right on point. I did not have to give out any personal information regarding myself or my relationship. Thank you so much for connecting me with my love that I miss so much. Your reading helps me to get over a very sad and lonely point/time in my life. I will recommend you to anyone who’s in need of a confirmation or spiritual up lift in their life. Thank you

L.P., Toronto, Canada

I would just like to share my experience with Kasaundra... July 2, 2020 I was bringing my 102 year old Grandmother into my Moms home... As I was wheeling her to her recliner a hand waved across my face to get my attention... This was my Mom. She waved her hand across my face flopped down on the couch and began to malfunction... She went into cardiac arrest... I yelled to my brother ``Call 911``... He got them on the phone... We were told to lay her down on the floor... I was instructed to perform CPR... I did that until the Paramedics arrived... My Mom passed away... This has been the most devastating thing I have ever been through... I am so lost and I hurt everyday all day the only reason I am still here existing is by the grace of God and Kasaundra I was led to her and her special gift. Instead of a grief counselor or some type of psychiatrist I was led to Kasaundra and I can honestly say that she saved me. I was able to communicate with my mom I strongly recommend this experience to anyone that has suffered a lost and that is hurting. Her gift is amazing and the sessions with her will help you... The session is not confusing. They are very soothing and the fact that she can take you straight to the source of your pain. The person that you're missing. You can speak with them through Kasaundra. The sessions with Kasaundra will give you the comfort that you need. Kasaundra is amazing. The hurt won't go away but it will help you with your healing process. I'll say it again she save me. For a minute I didn't want to be here anymore I just wanted to go be with my mom because the pain was just that great. No one tells you how to feel when you lose someone special like your mom. Having the sessions with Kasaundra help me more than I could ever explain. I recommended strongly for anyone who is hurting and just lost someone special. A session or sessions will help you heal and carry on with your life. Until you meet that person again.

T.M., California

I have been so blessed by the work of Kasaundra Victoria and Mystic Moments. During a time when I was facing one of the greatest battles of my life, Kasaundra was able to give me messages from my parents. These messages were a source of strength, peace and confirmation I needed at that time which provided me with the insight to never give up my fight. Knowing that although my parents were not with me in the physical form, but rather in spirit gave me so much comfort. If it were not for Kasaundra and Mystic Moments, I honestly do not know where I would be in this current space. I had several moments of doubt, however, the messages I received from my parents were the affirmations I needed. The details shared with me were not something Kasaundra could have made up. With Kasaundra's help, I feel as though my parents are willing and readily available to communicate with me. I am forever grateful to Kasaundra and Mystic Moments!

Patricia, Los Angeles, CA

Just want to say that I have had a wonderful encounter at Mystic Moments. The reading I received was very spiritually connected to me. There was information that was being presented to me and all I did was confirmed them. The energy in the room was so serene and you can feel the tranquility in the room. I will recommend that if you are going through and need some form of spiritual connection to a love one. Try Mystic Moments.

Tanesia, New York

It’s devastating going through life never meeting a parent. Being left with a constant void, existing daily not knowing a half of who you are and longing to know. With no concrete evidence, no clues, nothing that leads to who this person is. To one day after 40 years through DNA discover who they are, only to find that you’re too late they’ve passed on. You have so many questions that continue to arise. Even though you feel a bit better you go through all of those longings once again wondering what you missed. Therefore, imagine the feeling after all of the above, the perception of defeat and hopelessness, to be introduced to the possibilities of still having access through someone who has a connection to the other side. For most of my life, I pictured Psychics as mystical, mysterious people who stealthily read auras and tarot cards. Living in magical faraway places, usually covered in beads, crystals and colorful scarfs using crystal balls. There was never anything normal or in between. Consequently, being introduced to Kasaundra and her gifts were mind blowing. She embodies an even more mysterious kind of magic, the ability to be an everyday person, a working mom and the possessor of this incomprehensibly impressive gift. As she channeled, I was glued to her eyes, I hung on to every word and feeling as if after 40 something years I was actually speaking to my father, who has been only a figment of my imagination until this very moment. The way she spoke, formed her sentences, the messages that she delivered made me certain that she truly possessed this special gift. She was spiritually and emotionally connected throughout the entire reading. I was comfortable, excited, empowered and yet amazed as this Angel served a messenger between worlds. I felt a genuine connection with my father whom I’ve never met. At that moment all of the questions, the whys, the hurt, the longing and the wondering simply disappeared. Meeting with Kasaundra has had such a positive and powerful impact on my life. I feel free. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude regarding my experience with Kasaundra. I was given this opportunity, so I’ll say from the depts of my soul I am eternally grateful for you sharing your gift with me. Thank you for being you, doing what you do, loving what you do and for the opportunities and unforgettable experiences that you’ve provided me. You’re extraordinary and I’d recommend you to anyone. You know I already do.

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